Method of Study: three tricks to study quickly and well

Method of Study: three tricks to study quickly and well

Are you looking for an effective and fast study method? Don’t worry, we provide you with three tricks to be able to study quickly and well!

Effective study method: tricks

The questions that the students ask us are really always the same and among these certainly one of the most frequent, and the most insistent, concerns the study: how to study quickly, well and without too much effort? What is an effective study method for high school or middle school students?

For a long time it was thought that dedicating a large number of hours to study, in long non-stop sessions on the same topic, perhaps a few days before the verification, was the best study method. And instead, apparently, from the studies concerning the functioning of the brain and the ability to learn, the “bucketful” would not be the solution to your problems.

First of all because when he strains his brain for a long time he spends most of his energy trying – we would say desperately enough – to maintain concentration. Furthermore the objective should not be so much to bring home a good grade, or to pass the exam or questioning, but rather the lasting memorization of some concepts to master for good.

So let’s see what are the three tricks for the study that Benedict Carey reveals in his book How We Learn:

The Surprising Truth About When, Where and Why It Happens. Finally a fast and effective method of study!

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